McKenzie Hiltwine

About The Artist

I'm McKenzie Hiltwine,

A Character Designer, Animator & Visual Development artist in the Animation and Comics industries! I'm a graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design's Visual Development Concentration with a minor in Film Studies and a current Masters student at Academy of Art University for 2D Animation.

My artistic specialties are (but are not limited to): Stylized Character art, Style Adaption, Character Design and early Visual Development work for all ages of animation, vibrant and dynamic expressions and special poses, 2D with 3D application Character Turn Arounds, Character Layout, Rough Character Animation and Concept Art!

My true passion lies in storytelling, both visual and written. My goal is to collaborate with creators within the industry on animated projects to tell amazing stories with authentic characters and fantastical designs! I also adore anything spooky and cute and use that genre of media as inspiration for my own work!

I'm currently available for contract, remote, in house and freelance opportunities!

For more information on my experience, please see my resume tab. All professional inquires should go through